Women's Excursion Pro Ankle Rubber Boots

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size & fit guide.

inches cm
Foot Length
Max Width
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
<8.70 8.74-9.06 9.09-9.37 9.41-9.72 9.76-10.04 10.08-10.39 10.43-10.71
3.19 3.27 3.35 3.43 3.5 3.58 3.66
8 8 8 8 8 8 8


You can put on socks that will most likely use with the footwear to measure

1. Place a blank sheet of paper on a flat surface, against a wall or other 90° surface.

2. Place foot on the paper, heel against the wall.

3. Mark the end of the longest toe with a pen or pencil.

4. Measure both feet in inch and use the larger measurement between the two feet.

5. Read your measurement and compare to the size chart here.

6. Use the closest larger measurement to determine your size, per your contry standard.


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Women's Excursion Pro Ankle Rubber Boots

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Non-slip and fit different terrains, ice conditions, and more. They're waterproof and insulated with 5 mm neoprene for comfort, flexibility, and shock absorption. The breathable lining wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry during daily tasks and outings.
  • Gender: Women
  • Occasion: Outdoor
  • Heel Height: Low Heel: 1"-2"
  • Toe Shape: Round
  • Material: Neoprene & Rubber
  • Brand: Hisea
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Customer Reviews
63 Reviews
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  1. Brianna Thaxton
    I had a pair of tall muckers that look pretty similar to these (different brand) and when my hands are full I can't really get them on very easy.When I saw that I could get the same thing but a shorter version I was super excited and got them as soon as I could. These are so easy to slide on one-handed because of the loop on the back.They also have a little tab thing that sticks out the back that you can use to push down on with your other foot to get out of these with no hands! Pretty sweet for a busy farm mama.
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  2. Texas coast girl
    I went up a size and am glad I did. My feet are wide with a high arch. The toe box is roomy enough that I can wiggle my toes. They were a bit hard to get on the first try due to the boot ankle being small. I have quite small ankles and once in these boots are a bit snug over the top of the foot so they don’t slosh around when walking. This is good for the sticky mud, I’ve had a boot come off my foot in our clay/mud. The ankle is small enough that it reduces any mud being slung up into the top of the boot while walking. South Texas winters usually bring a good amount of rain so I’ve tested these in deep puddles and they are water tight. They are pretty warm for my climate & make my feet sweat, but all rain boots do that. The insole is thin and removable. The boot is fully lined with neoprene even under the insole. They are comfortable. I have a ranch so I do a lot of walking in mud & on uneven terrain and the outsole grips well. ...[See More]
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  3. sheryl kelley
    First of all I would give a net of five I put them on. I thought that they were amazing if it was good, they were comfortable. They seem durable after wearing them every day since I bought them the stitching around the top of the boat is already fraying, one of the boot loops ripped already that was truly disappointing because I thought that was one of the things that I really liked about the boots is someone finally put a loop in the boot for pull up purposes that your finger could fit in, I think the stitching just didn’t catch the loop properly so it frayed and came off disappointing but it doesn ’t keep me from wearing them also, it came with a lifetime warranty card with a SKU on it that did not work. I emailed the company and they didn’t respond. Oh well such as life you get what you pay for actually, the price was good. ...[See More]
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  4. CaroleO
    These just arrived yesterday and they've already had a workout after last night's winter storm. I'm impressed! They're comfortable, flexible but still heavy, warm and cozy, and they fit really well. I'm very glad that I ordered them.Half sizes were not available when I ordered. I wear an 8 1/2 (US) women's shoe so I ordered a 9. I figured when I wear them, I would be wearing heavy socks. That was the right approach. Size 9 fits great with winter socks. There's plenty of room in the toe box and really all over, but they aren't huge like clown shoes. They stay on great and don't flop around on me like s ome boots in a similar style do.They're easy to put on and take off. They also seem to be waterproof. I went outside after a night-long storm to take the trash to the curb. My feet stayed totally dry through the slushy ice and snow. I didn't slide around, either. The soles seem to have a nice grip.I really like how these boots are made. I think they are definitely worth the price. ...[See More]
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  5. kathy
    The media could not be loaded.  These HISEA Excursion Pro Women's Rubber Boots are super comfortable! And they fit my woman’s size 10 feet perfectly. They went from the postal box, to my feet, to outside for a great game of water diversion in the rain to keep my driveway drivable. And the winner is,... these Rain Boots!These boots are thick and sturdy enough for me to kick and stomp gravel around comfortably. I tend to use my shoes as tools. See a pinch of that in my video. Some of the se ams and glue welds look a bit sloppy, if you’re particular about that sort of thing. I’m more interested in them maintaining structural and waterproof integrity. I will certainly update this review if they fail prematurely. I noticed there was a lifetime warranty card in the box, so that is a good sign.I’ve had pair of Dryshod mid length Haymakers for a few years that I really really like. These shorter HISEA may actually be better fitted and more comfortable for my feet. I love that they have kick plates to get them off without using my hands and the HISEA also hold out the wet just fine. I am quite excited about these rain boots, and there will be plenty of Pacific Northwest wet in which to play with them. ...[See More]
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  6. Miller
    Great quality boots. Kept my feet quite warm and dry. Fit exactly as I expected. Would make a wonderful gift. And a great value for the price.
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  7. shepschic
    We are building a cabin in the mountains. It is seasonally wet and having the right pair of boots is especially important. These boots are very well made! They are sturdy, waterproof, and very comfortable. I wear a woman's size 8 and they fit perfectly. There are no zippers but they do have a cloth finger hook in the back of the boot to assist pulling them on. Comparing the cost of these boots with the quality they offer, they are a steal. Excellent pair of water proof boots!
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  8. April M Schmidt
    I really like these boots for the warmth and comfort. They are not too small but I could have used a half size bigger but they don't come in half sizes. I like that the opening is tighter than regular rain boots. They don't feel sloppy and they keep the rain out better. They are also easy to put on and take off.There are four color choices and I'm happy with the black. They are actually cute and I know I'll wear them all winter. And make sure that you register them for a lifetime warranty!
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  9. areelgrl
    These fit perfectly, are comfortable, warm and waterproof. They have good traction for wet or icy surfaces. The only drawback is they are a little pricey for what they are (and made in China) but there is a Lifetime Warranty card in the box so if they truly stand by that, then the price is worth it.
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  10. Patty
    Las botas se ven usadas , reparadas , se ven como que si nada más le ubiecen pegado pegamento a si no más ala ligera , decepcionada
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