Unisex Mid-Calf Rubber Garden Boots

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inches cm
Shoe Length
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
9.9 10.2 10.5 10.8 11.2 11.5 11.9 12.3
3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 4.1
14.3 14.6 14.8 15.2 15.7 16.1 16.5 16.7
10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6


You can put on socks that will most likely use with the footwear to measure

1. Place a blank sheet of paper on a flat surface, against a wall or other 90° surface.

2. Place foot on the paper, heel against the wall.

3. Mark the end of the longest toe with a pen or pencil.

4. Measure both feet in inch and use the larger measurement between the two feet.

5. Read your measurement and compare to the size chart here.

6. Use the closest larger measurement to determine your size, per your contry standard.


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Unisex Mid-Calf Rubber Garden Boots

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  • SKU: XSX06W
These boots have a non-slip & self-cleaning rubber sole. They are 100% waterproof with a sealed rubber shell above the ankle, ensuring dry feet in all weather while providing shock absorption and heat retention. The boots feature a breathable mesh lining for dryness and comfort in temperatures up to 86°F/30°C. Enhanced protection comes from reinforced heels, arches, and toes, alongside adjustable closures to keep out debris, making them practical for year-round outdoor use.
  • Gender: Women
  • Occasion: Outdoor
  • Heel Height: Low Heel: 1"-2"
  • Toe Shape: Round
  • Material: Neoprene & Rubber
  • Brand: Hisea
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  1. Pam H
    I really didn’t know what to expect but read a lot of the reviews and decided to try this one.I am very pleased with my purchase.They are very roomy in the foot/ shoe area, I do have bigger calf's so I don’t think I could have went down a size as the calf’s would be to snug.My new gardening ,yard work boots.
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  2. Andrew Ward
    Needed these in Kauai to hike the Hanakapiaai Beach trail and Hanakapai Falls Trail. (Picture of mud shown below). These boots were PERFECT for that. My size is typically 10-10.5.. But, got size 9 boots and double socks and everything went well. (Amazing... but by foot MUST have a stiff sole or the bending can cause extreme pain. These boots were PERFECT. No pain.. 11 miles over rocks, bouldering across wet and dry rocks, in mud and hills.
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  3. Lizzy
    Construction and materials appear nice but will have to return because they are huge. I photographed next to two other (very old) pairs of size 7 shoes. Even with thick socks my feet are slipping all over the place. I'm going to return and order a 6.
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  4. Marcus
    Very nice for muddy days around the chicken coop or in the garden. If you're looking for good cheap boots that you can wear all day, you should be happy with these.
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  5. Glenn J Baker
    Got the boots in and used them once so far. No complaints. Just a pair of thick socks and I was good to go and not having to worry about my feet getting wet while pulling sone stuff from my lower hill property area
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  6. Tommy
    They are heavy and seem well made. Aggressive tread. NOTE: Their sizing and gender is a bit confusing. I got an Email from HISEA in response to a question I had. Turns out that these are unisex boots. They send out the same boots for both men and women. The boots I received were MENS size 11, but were ALSO marked as WOMENS size 12. The size stamped onto the BOTTOM of the boot is the WOMEN'S SIZE, so the MEN'S SIZE 11 boots I received were stamped on the bottom as SIZE 12, which is OK if you are aware of it. I wear a USA MEN'S SIZE 11, which IS what I received. However, the boots run so large that, e ven with VERY THICK thermal socks on, these boots were WAY too big for me. I returned them for a smaller size. Also, these are not for wearing all day or for long hikes. They are better for just mucking around in a shallow muddy garden for a while, which is exactly what I bought them for. I think they will work just fine. ...[See More]
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  7. Diana Marcela Clavijo Mora
    Nice color, seems very resistant but they are sooo big, I couldn’t even walk on them
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  8. Go Navy!
    The size runs large, so you might want to consider a size smaller. Good price for the money too. I saw this brand on a YouTube channel that I subscribed to. I would purchase again, I recommend them. Even when not on sale the price is still reasonable.
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  9. Sio n Juan
    They fit well and the little bag at the top is great to close if running a chainsaw or similar as you dont get all that crap falling into your boots. Cannot rate durability for at least another year on the job but they sorta look like they might be stayers? I will try and remember to come back an revise if they crap out early.
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  10. D B
    You never know what to expect when you purchase items online such as clothes, shoes things that you have to (should) try on etc.My shoes size is an exact US 10 and I ordered an 11 just to be sure, and also allow for heavy socks since this is primarily a snow boot for me. If not allowing for heavy - thick-socks a 10 would work.Like the tie up at the top of the boot which will seal off any snow or even water.A bit heavy due to thicker sole and construction. Probably not for any distant walks.No stability issues when walking.Can't comment re durability at this point, however, looks like no issues due to heavier construction.Ad says ankle boots, however, higher on leg than mentioned when folded flap is extended up.Good buy for the money.db Chicago ...[See More]
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