Men's Excursion Pro Ankle Rubber Boots

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You can put on socks that will most likely use with the footwear to measure

1. Place a blank sheet of paper on a flat surface, against a wall or other 90° surface.

2. Place foot on the paper, heel against the wall.

3. Mark the end of the longest toe with a pen or pencil.

4. Measure both feet in inch and use the larger measurement between the two feet.

5. Read your measurement and compare to the size chart here.

6. Use the closest larger measurement to determine your size, per your contry standard.


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Men's Excursion Pro Ankle Rubber Boots

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  • SKU: XSX37CP
Lightweight and 100% waterproof, these boots feature 5 mm neoprene for flexibility, shock absorption, and heat retention. The cushioning EVA midsoles offer arch support. What's more, it features a back heel loop and a shorter shaft for easy on and off. For superior grip, the non-slip outsole handles various terrains and extreme conditions. Additionally, the breathable fabric lining wicks moisture, ideal for everyday tasks and quick trips.
  • Gender: Men
  • Occasion: Outdoor
  • Heel Height: Low Heel: 1"-2"
  • Toe Shape: Round
  • Material: Neoprene & Rubber
  • Brand: Hisea
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  1. Wolthuis
    Love these boots. Seem to be very well made. Fit well, however, they may run just a bit big, but heavy socks will solve that problem. The boots do rub on shin a bit but there again, heavy socks took care of that also. Waterproof. These are great for rain and snow. Good traction. Lightweight. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Fair price.
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  2. tmpigs
    We use boots everyday on the farm - through mud, rain, snow, muck, etc. These boots have already been put through a lot and are holding up well. They are comfortable and warm in winter snow as we are out and about on the farm. They handle all sorts of liquids without leaking. I would also like to get a pair that was taller for the really deep stuff we go through. Tough durable yet light and padded all element boots!Check the sizes. I ordered a 10 for my husband who is a 10.5. These are tight on him so I got to have them! :) I am usually a women's 10 and these fit me with some extra room to sp are. If in between sizes or want a tad more room, I would go up a size. ...[See More]
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  3. Ric Manning
    When these boots arrived the big snowstorm that can blanketed the American Midwest was nicely settled on my front yard and neighborhood streets. Good timing, even if I could have used them a few days earlier.I had spent hours over the previous three weeks looking for new winter boots. Nothing I could find seemed just right. They were either cut too low or priced too high. I wanted rubber boots that were thoroughly waterproof, easy put on and didn’t look silly, like I was dressed for a ski lodge fashion shoot or to muck out the cattle barn.I’ve been wearing these HISEA boots for a couple of weeks a nd so far, they are exactly what I had in mind. I’ve tromped through snowbanks and street slush, gone sledding with the grandchildren and broken through the thin ice that covers a low spot where water collects. So far, there’s been not even a hint of a leak.The high top has kept my feet protected from snow and slush with my jeans legs tucked in or out. And the deep tread on the soles helped safely navigate the hard-packed ice on my driveway. The boot linings remind me of the linings in my ski boots. They are not soft and fluffy but my toes haven’t complained. I learned to wear thinner socks with ski boots and that approach seems to work well with these boots. The boots were somewhat difficulty to put on and off that’s become easier with lighter socks and as the boots have had more use.With these boots, my dog is going to get a lot more walks and the rest of this winter is going to be a lot more tolerable. ...[See More]
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  4. G & H
    These are not fashion boots. They are functional winter boots that are insulated and waterproof. Most rubber boots in this category are plain and ugly. I really like the sneaker like look on the sole from a side angle. However, when you look at the bottom rubber sole, you will see a very good boot tread pattern. The light grey on the sole combined with subtle lines in the boot give this a more stylish look than your typical winter pull on boot.I wore these boots to work on a snow day and spent more than 8 hours in them. They were comfortable and kept my feet comfortably warm. Some boots get too hot fo r me and then my feet start sweating. But that did not happen in these boots. I find they have a good balance of insulation. My feet never got wet from outside snow, water, and slush or inside from sweat. PERFECT!SIZE, FIT, & COMFORT - I bought my normal size 9 and they fit perfect. Loose enough to slip on and give my feet a little breathing room, while being snug enough not to move around too much or slip off. The top of the boot was a few inches above my angle and measures about 8 inches from floor to top. I would be comfortable wearing these in 6 to 7 inches of snow. There is a good cushion feel to these boots, so standing on hard surfaces like driveways & sidewalks is comfortable. However, the cushion does not provide a lot of arch support, so walking long distances could become a little uncomfortable. These are not hiking boots for long hikes. They are comfortable for working around your house or office and taking the typical trips of city or suburban life. Probably would work well on a farm, if you are not hiking your property all day.QUALITY - At this price point, I feel these provide excellent quality. They feel rugged and sturdy. If I were working on a farm, I feel like the rubber, insulation, and sturdiness of the boot provides some layer of protection against dropping or banging into things. They are not a substitute for steel toed boots, but they provide more protection than unlined shoes like cowboy or fashion boots. The soles appear to be glued on, which is typical of rubber boots in this category. Everything looks well put together.OVERALL - I find these boots comfortable, warm, stylish for rubber boots, and functional for winter boots. I highly recommend them! ...[See More]
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  5. Ggirl
    There were no sizes available to fit my husband so I went with the size that would accommodate a woman’s foot. I loved these boots straight out of the box. I thought getting them in would be a problem as I have a high arch. The ankle is very stretchy & theres a nylon pull for help.Rugged sole but they are so lightweight, warm & cozy, with a comfortable snug fit. It’s been cold and wet, and I use these for dog walking. It’s like walking on air, such a comfortable boot. It’s nice to have a quick in and off boot.
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  6. 2gigob
    So a couple of things I think is important on these boots...One, they are very well made. I'd put them up against the name brand muck boots without hesitation.And they cost less, so that's a big bonus.Two, they offer a lifetime warranty. You can see the card that come with the boots giving the info to make that happen. I appreciate the standing behind your product approach.Three, they look great and are well designed. Solid, waterproof construction. Great traction. Stretchy ankle area. Makes it easy to get on and off. Convenient for those outside to inside transitions during snowy days.Four, t he are super comfortable and very warm. Again, I'd but them up against any name-brand muck boot in regards to comfort as well. They will keep my feet cozy warm and unfatigued all winter. Exactly what I was looking for in an outdoor boot like this.Last, these Hisea boots are a win! ...[See More]
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  7. J. Carpenter
    I really like these boots because they are warm and didn’t squeeze my wide feet. I ordered regular size and they were wide enough to get my foot into without much problem. The tread is good but they are a little slippery. I do struggle to get them on and off because of the tight opening. They are as good as the more expensive brands.
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  8. Rosycha
    These are a great pair of rubber ankle rain boots for men. Sturdiness, comfortable and waterproof make them perfect to use every cold, snow or rainy day.I gifted them to my husband and he loves how comfy and stylish they are.If you see closer they present a little imperfections as pictured, doesn’t affect their performance.
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  9. Patrick Quinn
    These boots have everything needed for cold, wet, slushy, and snow conditions. The construction seems very solid, the outsole pattern is perfect for ice and snow and they are well insulated. The insole is removable and even when removed to accommodate a heavy sock the cushion of the midsole material feels more like an athletic shoe than a boot. As far as the design and style; the outer material is waterproof and the pull-tab helps to put on and there is a raised ridge to help kick them off. For urban commuters these don’t slide around when trudging through the snow and look fine with dress clothes.O verall highly recommended ...[See More]
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  10. frankiev
    I really like these boots. They fit well and the size is perfect. The boot feels comfortable while wearing for the day. I like having a pair of boots that I can wear in the wet weather.These are made well and designed for the weather. I would recommend them for the overall quality and comfort
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